Tips From A Remote Company – How To Work From Home Effectively

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the way we do business. As we patiently wait to see the light at the end of the Quarantine Tunnel, Title and Closing agencies have made major adjustments to work remotely in efforts to keep employees safe and business running as usual. State and Federal officials have also adjusted regulations surrounding remote and digital closings to ensure the industry can continue to operate at full speed. While working from home has its perks, it can be easy to slip into unproductive habits when outside of the working environment you or your employees have grown accustomed to. Not only is AccuTitle’s TitleFusion product designed to be your “office away from the office,” but AccuTitle has been a remote company since its inception. Here are some tips to help make this adjustment more sustainable from a company who has mastered the work from home culture:

  1. Go to your “Office”: It can be difficult to stake claim to a private and distraction-free spot to call your own, especially when there are others in the house also confined to staying home. While we love our kids, pets, spouses, and siblings, there is a reason why we do not typically take them to work with us. If you do not have a spare room or basement to transform into your private working space, then get creative! Section off a corner of the bedroom or living room and set it up as close to your ideal office space as possible. It is important to feel as if you are still physically going to work, even if it is just to another room in the house.
  2. Keep a routine: While you may not want to put on your suit and tie each morning, it is important to keep in mind what you would normally do before heading to work. Each morning you should wake up and get ready for your day in the same way you would if you were expected to arrive at the office. If you are unable to keep to that exact routine, try and come up with a new schedule that you can stick to. Get dressed for work, maintain the same business hours, collaborate with coworkers over screen sharing or conference calls, and set realistic boundaries to maintain your routine.
  3. Invest in your productivity: As we navigate through the current situation’s uncertainty, it is wise to prepare for long-term solutions to be as productive as possible while at home. A good headset or speakerphone, and a comfortable chair that helps support your posture will help keep you engaged during those long phone calls and video conferences.
  4. Utilize a flexible Title Management Platform: Nothing is more hindering to productivity than not being able to work in the same way you would at the office. TitleFusion is a cloud-based solution that is not a scaled-down or a “work from home version” of the product. 100% of the functionality within TitleFusion can be done from anywhere, either in the office, at home, or from a mobile device, as long as there is internet access (including mobile hotspots). TitleFusion offers the ability to connect your email inbox into the platform itself, allowing the user to view incoming emails as well as easily attach emails and documents directly into files. In addition to supporting a productive workflow, a customizable and simple to set up Two-Factor Authentication process allows the TitleFusion platform to provide an extra layer of security by transmitting a unique code to the user’s email or mobile device. Requiring a second form of identification reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your data and other sensitive information, regardless of whether the internet connection is at home or in the office.

While we hope to see the world return to normal soon, there may be a new meaning to the word “normal”. As businesses become accustomed to a work from home culture, we may see more flexibility and standardization of remote working and learning. The AccuTitle family prides itself on being a remote company while offering a welcoming company culture, providing exceptional customer service, and ensuring title and closing professionals are given the tools necessary to work effectively in or out of the office.

Samantha Taibi

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