TrackerPro is an easily configurable software application designed for New York title insurance agents that enables customers to automate the majority of their day-to-day manual tasks. Built from the ground up, by title agents for title agents, to become the most comprehensive paperless office solutions in the industry that supports the largest and most complex title agent processes. From simplifying the process of placing and receiving orders, to daily reconciliation of financial systems, TrackerPro will reduce the time needed for title production and accounting while improving accuracy and reducing costs.

Benefits of TrackerPro Include:

  • Automated Title Production
  • Underwriter & Vendor Integrations
  • Built-in Financial Management with 3-way Reconciliation
  • Time Management & Tracking Tools
  • Post-Closing Liability Management Systems
  • Paperless Office Solution

Software Solutions

TrackerPro: The automated and integrated title production, closing, banking and accounting software system which streamlines efficiencies from start to finish. Featuring over 20 vendor, underwriter, e-recording and bank integrations to supercharge all your title business processes.
TrackerPro Lite: The perfect solution for Zone 1 and Law Firm based operations. All the great functionality of TrackerPro without the need to change your banking and accounting workflow.

Key Functionality

Workflow Tracking

TrackerPro is all about tracking. Tools include file tracking, open vendor services, notes and task management, closings, recordings, remittances, commissions, escrows, sales tax, and much more. The software also allows management to track employee productivity. TrackerPro is a true end-to-end management system which will guide you through application processing, closing, post-closing, banking and accounting. 


Banking Management

Automates the flow of funds between accounts to assure constant liability balance and file balance reconciliation. Deposits, transfers and adjustments are managed by the system to greatly reduce the possibility of human error. Underwriter audits are a breeze. 


Document Management

Create and store your own custom templates for title reports, title policies, and affidavits. Documents are all stored in one simple to use and organized filing cabinet system. Title Insurance Commitments are easy to create and manipulate. Built-in tools allow users to produce professional title commitment PDF documents with electronic tabs, attachment links, amendment reporting and much, much more. 


Settlement Services

With easy-to-use Closing Disclosure and HUD-1 form integrations; parties, dates, title charges, application data and more are automatically synchronized with the form as soon as it is opened. The self-contained settlement module allows you to fund, disburse and account for your settlement closing all from the same place. 


Integrations Galore!

Save time and money with our cutting-edge integrations without having to leave TrackerPro. Get your E-Jackets and CPL letters from your Underwriters with just a few clicks of a mouse. Quickly order your Municipal and Title services and get notifications when they are completed and downloaded directly into your filing cabinet.  

“Highly recommend AccuTitle’s software. It is extremely user friendly and they are always up to date with any tax changes due to legislation passed. Their technical support department is also great and extremely responsive when there is an issue or question I have. I primarily deal with Mike and he is always super friendly and pleasant to deal with and can basically fix any issues I have on the spot.”

Additional Products and Services


ReconPlus with Free Positive Pay 

Integrate with your bank and automatically 3-way reconcile your bank accounts daily without leaving the TrackerPro platform.


Benefits of this service include:

  • Compliance with ALTA best practices
  • Check fraud prevention
  • Comprehensive account analysis beyond 3-way reconciliation
  • Immediate notification of out of balance accounts and transactions
  • Automatic daily reconciliation of all bank accounts
  • User friendly transaction matching system for outstanding banking items

Web Integration Technology (WIT)  

Unlock the value of your TrackerPro data and become a sophisticated partner for your clients by allowing them to securely log in to your website and view application data, submit orders, and more.


Benefits of WIT include:

  • Enable your clients to:

1. Enter their own orders directly into TrackerPro
2. View, print, upload and download a variety of reports and documents
3. Check the status of their applications
4. Eliminate waiting for someone to return their phone calls or respond to their emails

  • Easily send large title reports as a link
  • Add professional hyperlinks to your title report

Cloud Services

Utilizing the strength of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, TrackerPro can provide a solution for organizations that do not want to run their own onsite server.

Benefits of Cloud Services include:

  • Lower Up-Front costs
  • A more Scalable Infrastructure
  • Better Disaster Recovery options
  • Intrinsic Telecommuting capability 

TrackerPro will deploy and administer one or more Microsoft Windows Virtual Servers, and provide you access through Remote Desktop based technologies. A typical deployment would use a RemoteApp which is accessed by an icon on your desktop. We also are able to employ a Site-To-Site and/or Point-To-Site VPN to provide true multi-factor security to your remote system.