TitleFusion is a robust, cloud-based title production and closing software made by title professionals for title professionals. This easy-to-use solution increases workflow productivity through innovative functionality. The flexibility of online access reduces valuable time and resources spent on local system maintenance, networking, and support issues. 

Benefits of TitleFusion Include:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere
  • Premiere Security Technology
  • Robust Vendor and Underwriter Integrations
  • Secure Document Client Portal
  • Highly customizable templates for efficient workflow

Key Modules

myTitleVault is an easy to use communication portal allowing title agencies to publish documents to enable a smooth and secure transaction within the title software

For Title Agencies:

  • Secure distribution of communications and documents
  • Streamline workflow by turning online orders into new files with a few clicks
  • Reduce inquiries by displaying a customizable transaction status bar
  • Flag non-public information (NPI) to reduce risk of disclosing sensitive information
  • Use branded templates to send out custom communication throughout the transaction

For Buyers, Sellers and their Representatives (Attorneys, Lenders, Realtors):

  • Easily obtain quotes
  • Place orders with any AccuTitle Title Agency
  • Send and receive secure documents
  • Continued access to essential documents post transaction
  • Ability to access files across multiple title agencies

Additional Products and Services

Reconciliation Module

Let us take the hassle out of reconciliation for you!

We have now made it easy and cost effective for its users to be compliant with their escrow accounts that are maintained in their database by managing daily 3-way reconciliation for you!

Reconciliation Service Features:

  • Daily matching of all debit and credit transactions
  • Automatic submission of Positive-Pay report to your bank each day as required
  • Daily Escrow Alert reporting keeping you up-todate on any potential bank errors and input errors
  • Easy storage and submission of required monthly reconciliation reports to your underwriters
  • Ability to create your daily alerts specific to the way you conduct business
  • Daily 3-way reconciliation of your escrow account
  • Ability to allow your underwriters auditor access to review your account as required (controlled by the user)
  • Access to our qualified escrow reconciliation experts for support
Automatic Reviews

Further optimize your business practices through TitleFusion by adding on our automatic review functionality

In partnership with TitleTap, Automated Reviews allows agencies to boost their brand’s online reputation with minimal effort. Effortlessly collect reviews, market positive reviews online, and manage negative reviews with ease! We offer a wide range of flexibility in determining the timing, content, and recipients of the emails and what is posted online. 

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