Closers' Choice Title Management Platform

Closers’ Choice is an intuitive and efficient closer-friendly platform designed for title professionals to close with confidence. Closers’ innovative functionality, together with a robust list of vendor integrations, saves time so you focus on driving your business.


Benefits of Closers’ Choice Include:

  • Robust Vendor and Underwriter Integration Module
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Intuitive File and Document Management
  • Reconciliation, Accounting, and Reporting functionality
  • Secure Document and Client Portal

Watch the demo below to learn more!

Key Modules

Services Gateway is a powerful tool allowing you to interface with all your essential partners with just a few clicks. No more passwords, no more double data entry. Our robust solution makes your closings quicker, more efficient and cost effective.


DoxPassport allows you to securely communicate with all parties in your transaction such as buyers, sellers and their representatives. This web portal is available to all parties in the transaction has both pre and post-closing functionality including secure document sharing, postclosing document storage, order tracking and twofactor authentication.

Additional Products and Services

1099-S Reporting

Let Closers’ Choice take care of 1099-S Printing & Mailing, and IRS Submission!

Through one simple process, have your 1099-S data submitted to the IRS as well as printed and mailed to eligible sellers. Eliminate costly errors by using our Tax ID Verification service, which connects directly to the IRS, ensuring that every name and tax ID you provide are accurate.

How Does 1099-S Submission work?

  1. You generate a report of 1099-S eligibility transactions out of Closers’ Choice
  2. You adjust the report as required (such as filling in missing information).
  3. We take care of the rest by submitting the file to the IRS, electronically, and/or mailing 1099-S to your eligible sellers.
Automatic Reviews

Further optimize your business practices through TitleFusion by adding on our automatic review functionality

In partnership with TitleTap, Automatic Reviews allows agencies to boost their brand’s online reputation with minimal effort. Effortlessly collect reviews and market positive reviews online! We offer a wide range of flexibility in determining the timing, content, and recipients of the emails and what is posted online. 


Protect Your Business with Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of protection to help keep your business and client data secure. By requiring multiple forms of identification, the risk of attacks on data and other sensitive data is significantly reduced.


Allow us to monitor and protect your escrow accounts with our daily 3-way reconciliation service

Order Express

Allow your clients to place orders online directly into your platform


Order customized checks for your business (button with Link to download form) Images of check colors

Closing Cost Estimator

Provide your clients with a branded calculator allowing them to create quotes online