Great Customer Support Requires Great Customer Service! What You Need in a Title Management Platform 

These days, it is especially important to make sure you are always receiving outstanding customer service from any company. This is especially true when working in fast paced environment such as the Title Industry. The closing process is already complicated enough, and TitleFusion’s support team is here to make it a little easier. What should you be looking for in your Title Management Platform to ensure you are receiving the best customer service when in need of software support? 

Small Town Feel Within a Big Company: Typically, most people prefer to have a live person responding to them as opposed to an automated response. By talking directly to a support team member, customers are able to build a relationship by consistently talking to the same person who will remember you. Another aspect to look for in regard to customer service is various ways of contacting the support team. TitleFusion is proud to offer all of these to our customers: 

  • Any response from our support team at TitleFusion is always a direct response from one of our support technicians 
  • Customers develop a lasting relationship with the support team members 
  • The TitleFusion support team is able to quickly respond to customers’ questions 
  • TitleFusion offers many different options to contact the support team including phone, email, support ticket, or chat message 

Useful Help System: Rather than reaching out to a support technician every time you have a small question, a useful help system allows users find answers on their own. A practical help system can be utilized for any questions and reminders on how to do certain things and can serve as a reference to go back to at any time. The help system should also be easily accessible to customers. Luckily, TitleFusion contains all the key elements of a useful help system, which you should be looking for in a Title Management Platform: 

  • TitleFusion’s help documentation can be accessed at any time from any screen 
  • Help documentation is categorized to help better find what you are looking for 
  • Includes training videos, previously recorded webinars, help articles and various documents 
  • Our web-based software and help system can be accessed from your fingertips at anytime 
  • Customers can easily log a request by creating a support ticket, or access a chat with a live agent 

Above and Beyond: Find a Title Management Platform that is willing to go above and beyond for their customers. Quality customer service is more than just responding to customers’ questions and concerns. It is the companies that go the extra mile for their customers that you should be looking for. Our support team prides itself on consistently going above and beyond for our customers: 

  • The TitleFusion support technicians always try to look beyond the actual issue customers are asking about 
    • If something is out of the ordinary in a customer’s file or something is not being utilized or entered properly, our support team will try to point that out
  • Reaching out to customers if they are not utilizing some of the newer functionalities to better improve workflow 

At TitleFusion, we take customer support seriously. We are constantly updating our help system to better serve our customers. We also provide various contact options for our support team including phone, email, support ticket, or a live chat message with one of our technicians. All communication with TitleFusion customer support is always a one of our team members directly responding, and not just an automated response. TitleFusion prides itself on our support technicians constantly looking out for customers and going above and beyond. To contact the support team, email or call (877)-354-1170.  

Taylor Zeni

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