New Remote Online Notarization offering for Landtech Clients

SHIP BOTTOM, NEW JERSEY, August 9th, 2022 AccuTitle, home of title management platforms TitleFusion, Landtech, Closers’ Choice, and TrackerPro, has announced an integration with Landtech and Notarize, a leading online notarization platform. The Notarize platform streamlines notarizations by enabling online notarizations with notaries anytime, anywhere, making digital financial transactions simpler, smarter and safer for consumers. This integration will create a seamless on-demand service by connecting Landtech users with Notarize’s network of live, commissioned notaries, available via video 24/7 from any device. Additionally, Landtech fully owns the customer experience and provides digital convenience by also offering the option to route notarizations through Landtech users’ contracted notaries. The combination of both services and optionality allow for access to commissioned notaries on-demand, usually in seconds, resulting in maximum notarization coverage during off-hours and overflow, high-demand situations. The Notarize platform makes the notarization process quick and easy while decreasing costs, saving time, and reducing errors.

Landtech users will benefit when utilizing the Notarize integration directly from within their existing platform, saving significant time per transaction, and reducing client time spent on completing a notarization and returning forms. The platform is available anywhere, anytime, on any device, providing a seamlessly integrated eligibility and compliance verification, and reducing risks and errors. Current Landtech users can get started using Notarize by visiting AccuTitle plans to expand this integration to its other platforms TitleFusion, Closers’ Choice and TrackerPro.

Notarize is the leader in online notarization, which is simpler, smarter and safer than notarizing documents on paper. From buying or selling a home to adopting a child, Notarize is bringing trust online 24/7 for life’s most important moments. For more information, please visit

AccuTitle provides RealTech platforms focused on automating and streamlining the title production and closing process. The AccuTitle products include TitleFusion, Closers’ Choice, Landtech, and TrackerPro. The team at AccuTitle strives toward the joint mission to produce title software to make the intricate real estate closing process more manageable and provide custom solutions to unique problems. To learn more visit






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