An advanced workshop series for TitleFusion users 

 SHIP BOTTOM, NEW JERSEY, May 28th, 2021 – AccuTitle, the home of Title Management Platforms TitleFusion, Closers’ Choice, Landtech and TrackerPro, has announced the launch of TitleFusion Academy, a series of advanced educational workshops for the cloud-based product TitleFusion. These workshops will be hosted in a virtual format and are designed for existing customers to further enhance their knowledge of the TitleFusion product and its functionality. While utilizing TitleFusion’s valued integrated partnerships, AccuTitle’s goal is for TitleFusion Academy to showcase how much more efficient their day-to-day workflow can be. This will present opportunities for a more in-depth learning experience of new functionality, software updates, and an overall enhancement of business practices. 

“Our initial vision for TitleFusion Academy involved in-person workshops where everyone could participate and knowledge share in a live and collaborative environment. Due to COVID-19 we had to tweak that vision slightly and have created a series of virtual programs, led by our team of experts, that is both safe and equally as effective for our users,” says Bill Bartzak, CEO of AccuTitle, “We will host TitleFusion Academy in person in the future but are confident our virtual programs will offer our users a unique, deep dive experience that will add value to their business.”


TitleFusion Academy will launch on June 10th, 2021 with a special session in partnership with our friends at Title Tap, focusing on how to better market your business. TitleFusion users can expect to see details on how to participate in the upcoming days.  

If you are a user of Closers’ Choice, Landtech, or TrackerPro , please reach out to to learn about those educational offerings. Not a customer? Reach out to for more information on AccuTitle’s family of title management platforms. 

About AccuTitle 
AccuTitle provides RealTech platforms focused on automating and streamlining the title production and closing process. The AccuTitle family of products includes TitleFusion, Closers’ Choice, Landtech, and TrackerPro, serving over 2,000 title professionals in 39 states. AccuTitle’s mission is to produce title software to make an intricate process more manageable and provide custom solutions to unique problems. To learn more, visit:, and For questions, please contact 


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