New integration offers additional search solutions for select markets in Landtech 


Ship Bottom, New JerseyAugust 16th, 2021 – AccuTitle, home of title management platforms TitleFusion, Landtech, Closers’ Choice, and TrackerPro, has announced an integration with Landtech and SearchCONNECT, an affiliate of Investors Title and National Investors. This new integration provides search solutions in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia and allows Landtech customers in those states to seamlessly place orders for SearchCONNECT’s title search and policy-typing solutions directly through the platform.  

SearchCONNECT provides a wide range of search, document-retrieval, and policy-typing solutions in several convenient formats that reduce risk and expedite workflow for customers in select markets. Customers with an existing P-24 agreement in Texas may also place orders for title evidence through this integration for property located in more than thirty counties.  

Lisa Hinton, SearchCONNECT’s search services manager, said, “Integrating with the Landtech platform provides a time-saving option for SearchCONNECT customers and is another example of our dedication to provide valuable, innovative solutions.”  

Landtech clients benefit from these integrations through the automation and efficiencies of streamlined features, and the integration with SearchCONNECT extends these benefits to mutual customers.  


About SearchCONNECT 
SearchCONNECT provides a wide range of search, document-retrieval, and policy-typing solutions for select markets in several convenient formats that may be ordered conveniently through application integrations or directly from its website. The experienced and detail-oriented SearchCONNECT team collaborates with local experts, who understand market-specific nuances, to deliver the highest-quality solutions possible. Visit for more information. 

About AccuTitle: 
AccuTitle provides RealTech platforms focused on automating and streamlining the title production and closing process. The AccuTitle family of products includes TitleFusion, Closers’ Choice, Landtech, and TrackerPro. The team at AccuTitle strives towards the joint mission to produce title software to make the intricate real estate closing process more manageable and provide custom solutions to unique problems. To learn more visit,,, and  







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