Landtech is made for and supported by title experts.
This easy-to-use settlement software is a fully customizable
real estate closing application that has been empowering
title professionals for over 40 years. In an ever-changing industry, Landtech has the knowledge and solutions to keep your company informed, prepared and ready.

Benefits of Landtech Include:

  • Form-Based Functionality
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Efficient Workflow
  • Robust Integrations 

Need a cloud, browser-based option for easy remote access? Landtech Lime delivers the same great experience, but with newly added features and functions to streamline the closing process.


  • Robust. Intuitive functionality to save you both time and money.
  • Connected. Integrated with all major underwriters and with both local and national vendors.
  • Flexible. Suitable for both large and small operations.
  • Experienced. Industry experts are available to help you every step of the way.

The same Landtech you know and love with a twist.

Cloud vs Local features

Landtech Lime

Landtech Closing Cloud

Landtech Settlement Software

Browser-based Application

Built in App Session Support Assistance

Built in Collboration Office 365 Tools

(must have e3 or e5 MS license)

Built in Secure File Sharing

Flexibility to Access Your Landtech Data From Anywhere

Remote Access

2-Factor authentication

Pay As You Go

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Includes MS Office Suite

Accessible from iPhone, Android, iOS, PC and MAC

Never update again, Landtech is always on the latest version

Automatic backups

Low Monthly Fees or per file fee

Balance statements

FREE Training

Meets ALTA’S best practices and pillars for compliance

1099S reporting

ALTA Settlement Statements

(with state required title premium calculations)

Complete Amortization system

Closing calendar / scheduler system

Complete file tracking system

Indexing and cross-referencing capabilities

Trust accounting functionality

Document production and publish system

Complete, fully integrated document production system

Complies with ALTA Best Practices requirements

Digital check clearing

Digital deposit clearing

Electronic title insurance premium reporting

Full business / activity reporting suite

Fully automated buyer and seller closing statements

Automatic calculations and prorations

Check writing

Supports XML connectivity

TRID compliant

Generates PDF, TIFF and XML files for email and archive

Graphical cfpb Closing Disclosure forms as well as GFE-HUD and non-GFE-HUD

Integrates with MS Word or WordPerfect for document preparation

Integrations with all major title underwriter and vendor platforms, loan production systems, transaction management systems and more

Scalable regardless of size

Positive pay

Supports digital signatures – encryption / decryption

Title insurance premiums and endorsement calculations

Additional Products and Services:

Monthly Reconciliation Services

From the same team that brought you Landtech Closing Software, Landtech is now offering monthly reconciliation services. No one knows Landtech better than the Landtech team.

Landtech will securely connect to your Landtech escrow system and perform a variety of services that complies with ALTA Best Practices Pillar 2.  We reconcile your escrow or trust account(s) to complete a 3-way reconciliation. Landtech’s team will review and evaluate all items that may need attention to help mitigate any financial losses.

Benefits Include:

  • Monthly 3-way reconciliations
  • Monthly reconciliation reports are uploaded to secure website for secure, easy access
  • Daily reconciliation and fraud prevention services
  • Audit preparation and support
1099-S Reporting

Title agencies are required to submit 1099-S to the IRS for every real estate transaction with a seller. The 1099-S reports the gross proceeds each seller received from the transaction. Landtech simplifies the process by allowing our customers to submit their 1099-S to the IRS directly through our software platforms.

How Does 1099-S Submission Work?

  • You generate a report of 1099-S eligibility transactions out of Landtech
  • You adjust the report as required (such as filling in missing social security numbers or addresses)
  • We take care of the rest by submitting the file to the IRS, electronically

Landtech Data Call Reporting Software

The most effective tool available to streamline your state’s required Data Call report, regardless of what closing software you use. Simply enter the data for each closing file and the Landtech Data Call Reporting Software will do the rest. With automatic calculation and organization, Landtech Data Call Reporting Software is the quickest and easiest way to submit your report to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

Landtech eSign

Landtech eSign is an Apple iOS app that creates PDF and allows digital signatures on the go. Signing documents on an iPad and iPhone with your finger or stylus is very easy. Landtech eSign allows signatures, text and photos to be placed anywhere within PDF documents.

Monthly Data Call Reporting

Regardless of your software, if you need the Florida NAIC data call filing and reporting done without a hassle, the team at Landtech can take care of that for you. Simply send in your closed files at the end of each month and the Landtech Team will take all the information and file it accordingly. We will prepare the state mandated form for your company to file in time for the State Department’s deadline.

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