FAQ – Why We Changed Our Product Names

We are excited to announce that the AccuTitle products TitleDesktop and MagramOnline will be changing to TitleFusion and MagramFusion. Below are Frequently Asked Questions regarding this change:

Why Change the Name?

At AccuTitle, our product is and has been a cloud-based offering that allows for a cohesive, integrated approach to title services. By fusing together various technologies, systems, and capabilities, we provide the tools necessary to power title agencies across various business models. While the AccuTitle name is not changing, we felt our product names should reflect the positive impact we aim to give our clients and their business’.

How Do I Access TitleFusion or MagramFusion?

How you access the platform will remain the same for the time being. Simply go to www.titlefusion.com or www.magramfusion.com and you will be directed to the same login page you are currently accustomed to. We recommend that you bookmark the new web page to your Favorites for easy access. If you go to www.titledesktop.com or www.magramonline.com you will be redirected to the new URL.

Will Features and Functionality be Changing?

Don’t worry! You will find a new logo and the new name referenced in the software moving forward, but the product, support, and all other elements of the platform will remain the same. 

Do I change who I make payments to and the address? 

The billing process will remain exactly as it is currently set up.

Who do I reach out to if I need more information on this? 

Our highly-trained support team is equipped to answer any questions you may have regarding this change. Please reach out to support@accutitle.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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