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Our Solutions

TitleFusion is a flexible, accurate, and compliant state-of-the-art title production and closing platform that improves productivity and reduces computer maintenance and support costs. Our fully cloud-based solution is made by title professionals for title professionals and powers title insurance agencies to securely access data effectively both in and out of the office without spending valuable time and resources on system maintenance, networking and support issues.

Special Features

  • Low Cost of Setup
  • Painless Transition from Current Software
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Integrated Reconciliation Solution
  • Flexibility- work from anywhere
  • Premiere Security Technology
  • Unique and Intuitive Functionality
  • Robust Third-Party Integrations

MagramFusion has the same great functionality of TitleFusion with added features designed specifically for the New York market

Special Features

  • New York Closing Ledger, based off the Title Bill and designed to handle multiple bank accounts

  • State-specific forms

  • State-specific rate & tax calculations

  • New York Vendor Integrations 

myTitleVault is an easy to use communication portal allowing title agencies to publish documents to enable a smooth and secure transaction.

Special Features

For Title Agencies:

  • Secure distribution of communications and documents
  • Streamline workflow by turning online orders into new files with a few clicks
  • Reduce inquiries by displaying a customizable transaction status bar
  • Flag non-public information (NPI) to reduce risk of disclosing sensitive information
  • Use branded templates to send out custom communication throughout the transaction

For Buyers, Sellers and their Representatives (Attorneys, Lenders, Realtors):

  • Easily obtain quotes
  • Place orders with any AccuTitle Title Agency
  • Send and receive secure documents
  • Continued access to essential documents post transaction
  • Ability to access files across multiple title agencies

Coming Soon!

  • Ability to supplement file information by sharing checklists (e.g. collective wire instructions)
  • Ability to sign non-notary-based documents
  • Link to secure remote closing room

Our Services

Reconciliation Module

We understand the importance of following ALTA best practices and have now made it easy and cost effective for its users to be compliant with escrow accounts that are maintained in their database.

Reconciliation Features

  • Daily matching of all debit and credit transactions
  • Automatic submission of Positive-Pay report to your bank each day as required
  • Daily Escrow Alert reporting keeping you up-to-date on any potential bank errors and input errors
  • Easy storage and submission of required monthly reconciliation reports to your underwriters
  • Ability to create your daily alerts specific to the way you conduct business
  • Daily 3-way reconciliation of your escrow account
  • Ability to allow your underwriters auditor to review your account as required (controlled by the user)
  • Access to our qualified escrow reconciliation experts for support

We Pride Ourselves in Our:

Customer Service

AccuTitle understands that our client’s needs are unique to their business. We tailor our customer service to fit your individual needs. Our seasoned in-house development and product teams are constantly working with clients to offer the latest and greatest service. We offer extended support hours to accommodate our clients near and far.

Painless Implementation

Switching an AccuTitle product is a disruption free implementation resulting in a product with high functionality without losing any existing date. With a fast “go-live” timeline and flexible training schedules, we provide a seamless and painless transition that will not disrupt your day-to-day business.


Let AccuTitle products power your business! We offer a simple but smart system that can easily be customizable to fit your needs. By utilizing the software’s unique and intuitive workflow, we help you optimize your business and provide an accurate, compliant, and user-friendly software.

Security is Our Priority

Wire fraud is continuously adapting in this industry and AccuTitle is evolving with it. We exhaust every option when combating wire fraud to make our software the most secure option for your business. With two-factor authentication, a role-based permission structure, and a secure document portal to house and access required documents, we do NOT take your data security lightly.


AccuTitle’s cloud-based solutions allows you to securely access your data effectively both in and out of the office. We take the worries regarding hardware, security, backups, uptime, or upgrades out of the equation so you can work effectively from any location.

At AccuTitle, our client’s user experience is of top priority.

We listen to what you have to say and we make the transition to our product as seamless and undisruptive as possible. See what some of our clients who have switched to our product have to say about their experience:

Ryan Curran

AccuTitle is a necessity for the modern-day Title Factory. Its cloud-based technology allows our employees and executives to securely access our work product anytime, anywhere.  The TitleDesktop Team is always finding ways to make the customer experience more efficient for us by intently listening to and delivering on our needs and their customer support is best in class.  Seber Title Agency views our relationship with AccuTitle/TitleDesktop as a partnership rather than a vendor.  We are very satisfied and fully intend on this being a long-lasting relationship!

Ryan Curran
Seber Title
Shelby Wiggins

“AccuTitle has completely changed how we run our office. We now have one software that contains everything we need! It is user-friendly and we discover new facets constantly. We were even pleased to learn about the accounting capabilities and a list of letters for every circumstance. If there are any questions, AccuTitle staff will directly assist almost immediately. The customer service is unmatched anywhere else as they are willing to train, step by step, and follow up on all inquiries. This is the best decision we could have made for title insurance!”

Shelby Wiggins
Attorney Tammy S. Hill
Dawn Lagowski

“I have been using Accutitle/TitleDesktop since 2010.  The program has not only been easy to use and learn, but the continued improvements provided at no additional cost to the client is a refreshing change.  With each update, the enhancements serve to improve the use of the software, adding features and benefits found typically in more cumbersome systems and more costly systems.  It is integrated with most, if not all, underwriters, making the production of CPL’s and Jackets seamless.  I highly recommend the use of the program for anyone looking for a quality product a fair price with the ability to customize the product for your use. I  could not be happier with the system and the service we receive.”

Dawn Lagowski
New Dawn Title Agency
Jennifer Ciccarella

“I have been in the Title Insurance business for 24 years/ During the course of 24 years, I have worked on several different software’s. Each software had some positive advantages and also some were negatives.  The last few years I have the opportunity to work on Title Desktop, not only with my prior company, but also with my existing company that I am with now.  My IT capabilities with any of the software’s has been one of my stronger points.  With Title Desktop, there is no doubt that not only is it user friendly, but it can reduce the time to initiate the file, but also to complete the commitment and policy in less time than any other software that I have used in my profession.  Considering my experience with technology, I would recommend this software to any new, existing or future Title Companies.”

Jennifer Ciccarella
Altor Abstract Company, Inc.
Teri Rhodes

“Having previously used another well known title software, I can honestly say AccuTitle/Magram is the best product I have found. The use of the software gas helped me cut costs especially with hardware purchases and maintenance. I am easily able to work remotely from anywhere. Best of all, they listen to their customers and are constantly improving the product for ease of use and efficiency. The software is so user friendly. I love it!”

Teri Rhodes
Belvedere Abstract, Inc.

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