Customer Testimonial: TitleFusion’s Closing System Success

We achieve success when our customers shine, and the proof is in the closing 

Calling all title professionals! Do you want to prepare for a closing with basic lender instructions in FOUR minutes? TitleFusion’s contemporary Closing System is easy-to-use and saves time. Don’t believe us? We spoke to our friends at Evident Title Agency, Inc., to learn about their experience using the state-of-the-art TitleFusion Closing System and how it has improved their workflow.

The Closing System is designed to reduce manual data entry and enhance overall accuracy, consistency, and transparency throughout the title process. These recent updates in TitleFusion have changed the closing game. Danielle Esposito, Vice President of Operations at Evident Title Agency, Inc., stated, “The efficiencies that have been made are amazing, especially for post-closing like the updates to the Closing Ledger. Being able to pull the disbursement letters with all the information that is actually in the system has streamlined the workflow in our office for sure.”

AccuTitle understands the challenges that title professionals face daily, especially regarding last-minute changes at the closing table. Danielle discussed how TitleFusion’s Closing System adapts to any unexpected changes, “The Closing System’s single data entry feature for any settlement statement has helped tremendously during a closing. The ability to print a CD, ALTA Settlement Statement, or a HUD has greatly assisted with making sudden adjustments because in many cases a lender may switch statements or decide that it’s a cash transaction. In the Closing System, everything is on one screen, and in the blink of an eye, you can pick the document you need, which significantly expedites operations.”

“The ability to click once to pull file contacts through to settlement documents and subsequently disbursement checks has remarkably changed our processes. It really does make it so much faster at the end of the transaction, even for our post-closing department. Right when needed, the checks are printed, they’re pulling the ledgers, they’re pulling the FedEx info all by the click of a button as opposed to retyping the same information repeatedly.” AccuTitle, in this case TitleFusion, makes it a priority to create intuitive workflow solutions, eliminating manual data entry, and allowing title professionals to close with confidence. The Closing System also provides the option to automatically split seller checks based on the percentage of ownership already entered in a central location. Not only does Danielle note this as an additional time saver, but she has recognized how helpful it is when dealing with 1099’s.

Need to combine multiple checks when managing payoffs, recording fees, and transfer taxes? The Closing System offers full support! “We use this functionality on so many of our files. The fact that we can perform these tasks with the click of a button to conduct realty transfer fees and recording fees all together has been beyond beneficial. We love that we can merge any additional Evident fees together in seconds,” said Danielle.

Do you ever find yourself comfortable with your title management software but wish for another key feature? The Closing System has Danielle covered on all bases, lightening her burden when she finds herself relying on features that she doesn’t need daily but are always readily available. “The splitting held checks functionality is extremely helpful for Evident at the end of the month because we can merge any money or costs and it is also helpful with water escrows. It’s great to be able to run that kind of hold report to push the information out.” Additionally, Danielle particularly makes use of the automatic generation and inclusion of seller take-back information in settlement statements, “these are great because you do not have to jump through hoops to access this feature which is a real time saver.”

The Closing System has enhanced the management and allocation of Good Faith Deposits across multiple places in TitleFusion, contributing to a more seamless and reliable title management system. Danielle explains, “This has been a great addition, especially because we have people working remotely. Adding the information in the beginning and having it flow through prevents duplications from happening. This has eliminated many questions, wondering, ‘Do we have this money, do we not?’ There is no questioning whether you know where the check is. You don’t have to do the exact same keystrokes multiple times. You’re doing it once, and it follows through to the end.”

Innovative software boasting cutting-edge functionalities is just one aspect of optimizing title agent operations. TitleFusion’s software development and customer service teams provide top-notch training to make the transition into the Closing System as seamless as possible. “After the initial training, we were off and running with all the new changes in the Closing System, it is extremely user-friendly. Everything was smooth, and it was clear that the software was released at the right time being completely functional,” says Danielle.

Here at AccuTitle, we strive to provide premiere customer service. We know our customers! We offer access to representatives via phone call, email, and directly through our platforms, with seasoned in-house development and product teams and extended support hours to accommodate our clients near and far.

We succeed when our customers shine, and the proof is in the closing. “Honestly, I cannot say enough, the customer service has been excellent. The people at AccuTitle have been amazing. They’ve taken the suggestions we’ve given them and brought them to life. The changes they’re making are constant and only for the better.”

Title professionals design our platforms for title professionals, and Danielle appreciates the TitleFusion team’s passion, knowledge, and expertise. “When working with a previous company, you could tell the software team did not know what title was or what happens at a closing table. Any problem, big or small, the AccuTitle team always goes above and beyond, quickly, and efficiently assisting. Whether it’s a system outage or someone in our office clicking the wrong button, they are super responsive.”

When asking Danielle her final thought on the Closing System, her words were, “life changing.”

About Evident Title Agency, Inc.

As 20-year veterans in the real estate sector, the Evident team prides themselves on the ‘The Evident Difference’—a commitment to harnessing cutting-edge software solutions. Our exceptional closing system, driven by top-of-the-line software, redefines efficiency, accuracy, and the client experience.

What truly sets Evident Title apart is our remarkable team and their expert knowledge and integration with TitleFusion. As industry experts with deep expertise, we ensure every transaction is smooth and stress-free. Evident Title’s dedication to client success is unwavering, as evidenced by our personalized service and a passion for exceeding expectations.

With a focus on innovation and a mission to revolutionize the closing process, Evident Title working with TitleFusion, consistently delivers more value, making each closing a seamless, confidence-inspiring journey.

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